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California Jade

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The Sanding Process

1.  First you need a stable base.  Secure your jade piece in a vise, with the surface to be 
     sanded above the lips of the vise, like so. 


2.  In order for the sandpaper to be effective the jade needs to be wet.  So, take a sponge
     and squeeze some water onto the jade.  Don't just lightly dampen it, there needs to be
     puddles covering the whole surface to be sanded.  


3.  Now you can begin sanding.  Choose a piece of paper with a rough grain, like 120, and
     put it on your sander.  When you sand, make sure to get all the wet areas.  As you
     sand you'll notice a white pasty liquid will form on the jade; DON'T wipe it off, this not
     only helps with the sanding but it adds a sort of polish as well.  You can see the paste
     here beneath the white arrow.


white paste

4.  As you go along the rock will seem to lose its roughness and put on smooth flat
     surfaces.  When you are satisfied that that particular grain can do no more, switch to a
     finer grain, like 150 or 180, and continue.  End the process with 400 grain sandpaper, 
     and your stone will look like it came from a tumbler. 

worn down